Sometimes even Mother Nature needs a helping hand.

We all have those things that bother us about our face and body, but what if I told you that I could make you look fresher and less tired, or your lips more lush, without looking like you’ve had ‘work done’?

I’m passionate about enhancing natural beauty.

I’ve been specialising in anti wrinkle injections, fillers and skin boosters for 10 years and have helped thousands of Canberra women feel assured and happy. I believe cosmetic injecting is an art, and I undergo regular training to ensure you are receiving the highest quality products and treatment techniques with little or no down time.

It comes down to trust and understanding.

I will listen to your concerns and work with you to achieve maximum improvement with minimal investment, and an ongoing treatment plan that is sustainable for you and your budget.

My greatest satisfaction...

comes from seeing a client who loves what they see in the mirror. Let me help create the best version of you!

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